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5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Cake Smash Photoshoot in Boise

If you’re preparing for one of the most delightful milestones as a parent—a one-year-old’s cake smash photoshoot—congratulations! This is a magical moment you’ll want to preserve with every sprinkle of delight. I’m Kristy, your photography guide with a penchant for capturing joy in every crumb. Here’s how to ensure your cake smash—a rambunctious rite of passage—transforms into picture-perfect memories to last a lifetime!

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Setting the scene is as delectable as the cake itself! Selecting a theme that resonates with your little one ensures that every photo tells a story. A woodland wonderland, a nautical adventure, or even a retro rainbow—there’s a myriad of themes waiting for you to explore.

I have a Pinterest board FULL of ideas. Then communicate this theme and we will work together to bring it to life!

Step 2: Choose the Perfect Outfit

Get ready to make a fashion statement that declares, “I’m ONE and fabulous!” The key to this step is simplicity with a splash of style that complements the chosen theme.

The outfit should be something that allows your little one to wiggle with ease. For girls rompers, dresses, and tutus are a perfect choice. Boys look so cute in jeans with no shirt, overalls, or a romper.

Step 3: Choose a Cake

The cake! Are you ready to take the plunge into confectionery creativity, or will you enlist the assistance of a culinary artist to craft your masterpiece?

Whether you whisk the batter yourself or trust a local baker to spearhead this sugary challenge, ensure the cake is not only a delight to the eyes but also a scrumptious surprise to the taste buds! The cake can be simple or match the theme!

Step 4: Location

Cake smash photoshoots are held outdoors or in my home studio. Take in to consideration the weather and theme when you choose. I have a location lookbook full of outdoor location ideas, too!

Step 5: Preparation is Pivotal

It’s shoot time! Gather your essentials and make sure you’re equipped for a frosting fiasco.

The Survival Bag

Pack your photo survival bag with essentials like baby wipes, a change of clothes for both baby and self, and a protein snack to balance out all that sugar.

This 5-step guide is your recipe for a cake smash triumph. Behind every successful shoot is ample preparation—with a dash of flexibility. Remember, these guidelines are just the canvas; it’s your baby’s personality and that once-in-a-lifetime smile that are going to light up the frame! Long after your little one has outgrown their tiny outfit and forgotten the taste of their first birthday cake, these photos will be cherished as milestones of sweet memories.

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