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The Ultimate Seasons Guide to Planning Photos for Boise Moms

For local moms in the picture-perfect landscape of Boise, mastering the art of planning for a photo session is not easy. The most beautiful thing about Boise is every change in season brings forth new variety to the landscape.

Jan-Mar: Winter

The onset of the year brings an ethereal charm to the Boise area, shrouding the mountains and valleys in a blanket of glistening snow. For mothers itching to preserve their family memories against this serene backdrop, this will take a drive into the mountains. However, if you have little ones who aren’t too keen on Jack Frost’s bite, you may want to opt for an indoor session. I do have a studio!

Before the clocks leap forward with daylight savings, I snap my shots a tad earlier in the day, around 1-2 hours from sunset.

Apr-Jun: Spring

Spring in Boise is announced not by the chirping of the birds, but by the vibrant blooms that carpet the foothills and mountains. This is a season to savor the transition from the harsh winter to a blossoming realm of wildflowers and verdant meadows. It’s an ideal time for outdoor shoots, as the mild weather blankets the region and the fruit orchards burst into a colorful bloom. After the daylight savings switch, Your photo sessions move to the later hours of the day, from around 7 pm.

Jul-Sept: Summer

Summer turns Boise’s foothills and meadows into a golden, sun-kissed scene. Local flower farms can provide a stunning backdrop, overflowing with vibrant blossoms that beg to be immortalized in a photograph. If sunflowers are your muse, September is when you can include these in your photos! With the weather at its warmest, and the days at their longest, the golden hours —around 7-7:30 pm—are best for lighting.

Oct-Dec: Fall

October marks the leaves change into an elaborate artwork of reds, oranges, and yellows. These mesmerizing hues, set against the region’s mountains and meadows, give you the chance to capture an expansive palette of colors. Taking into account the shift as daylight savings ends- the photo times will move forward to the advised 1-2 hours before sunset. And do remember, the fall leaves only last till mid to late November, after which the landscape transforms yet again, turning some spots dormant until the leaves return.

Strategic Tips on Weather and Preferences

For each season, understanding local weather patterns is key in planning the perfect photo session—the snows can start early, flowers may bloom late, or some spots might be out of commission sooner due to inclement weather. Identifying personal preferences and shooting styles will also dictate the timing of sessions.


For the moms of Boise, the changing seasons our area offers are unparalleled. By understanding and appreciating the unique photographic opportunities that each season offers, you can be sure to get the look that you are hoping for your upcoming photo session.

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