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Fresh 48 vs. Lifestyle Newborn

The Difference Between a Fresh 48 Session and a Lifestyle Newborn Session

Hey there, expectant momma! As a photographer who has had the privilege of capturing countless precious moments in those first few days of a newborn’s life, I want to share with you the difference between two popular types of sessions: the Fresh 48 session and the Lifestyle Newborn session.

Before we dive into the details, let me just say how rewarding it is to be a part of this incredible journey with you. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing at every maternity wing in the Boise area, and there’s something truly magical about freezing those fleeting moments in time. So, let’s get started!

Fresh 48 Session: Capturing the First 48 Hours

Imagine this: your little one has just entered the world, and those precious first hours are filled with pure joy, wonder, and perhaps a touch of exhaustion. A Fresh 48 session is all about capturing the raw emotions and tiny details during those initial moments after birth.

The benefits of a Fresh 48 session are simply priceless. It’s a chance to preserve the overwhelming love and excitement that fills the room as you bond with your baby. From those tiny fingers and toes to the adoring look in your eyes, these intimate moments deserve to be cherished forever.

During a Fresh 48 session, I’ll join you at the hospital or birthing center within the first 48 hours after your baby’s arrival. I’ll capture those heart-melting moments of you cuddling, feeding, and simply being present with your little one. These photos serve as a beautiful reminder of the raw emotions and new beginnings that come with welcoming a baby into your life.

Lifestyle Newborn Session: Embracing the Comfort of Home (or in studio)

Now, let’s step into the cozy atmosphere of your home. A Lifestyle Newborn session offers a more relaxed and natural approach to capturing those early days with your baby. It’s all about documenting the ordinary moments that make up your new family dynamic.

During a Lifestyle Newborn session, I’ll come to your home (or you can come to my studio), where you and your baby feel most comfortable. We’ll create a relaxed environment where you can cuddle, play, and showcase the love that fills every corner of your home. These sessions capture the authentic connections and the natural beauty that comes with everyday life.

From the nursery you meticulously decorated to the little details that make your house a home, a Lifestyle Newborn session allows you to celebrate your family’s unique story in a familiar setting.

Key Differences: Timing, Style, and Approach

The main difference between a Fresh 48 session and a Lifestyle Newborn session comes down to timing, style, and approach.

Timing: A Fresh 48 session takes place within the first 48 hours after birth, capturing those initial moments of awe and wonder. On the other hand, a Lifestyle Newborn session usually occurs within the first few weeks after bringing your baby home.

Style: Fresh 48 sessions tend to have a more documentary feel, focusing on the raw, unposed moments. Lifestyle Newborn sessions, on the other hand, embrace a relaxed and candid style, capturing the genuine interactions and connections within your family.

Approach: Fresh 48 sessions highlight the excitement and anticipation of those early moments, while Lifestyle Newborn sessions celebrate the comfort and familiarity of home.

Choosing the Right Session for You

When deciding between a Fresh 48 session and a Lifestyle Newborn session, there are a few factors to consider. Think about the type of moments you want to capture, the atmosphere you envision, and the style that resonates most with you and your family.

If you’re seeking images that showcase the immediate bond between you and your newborn, a Fresh 48 session might be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want to capture the everyday moments and natural interactions within the comfort of your home, a Lifestyle Newborn session would be a great fit.

No matter which session you choose, remember that these photos will serve as cherished memories for years to come. They will be a testament to the love, joy, and growth that your family experiences during this incredible journey.

So, whether you opt for a Fresh 48 session or a Lifestyle Newborn session, I’m here to help you create a collection of images that beautifully tell your unique story. Let’s capture those precious moments together!

Ready to schedule your session? Have questions or want to learn more? Reach out to me here. I can’t wait to hear from you and be a part of this incredible chapter in your life.

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