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Tips for Great Family Photos with 1-Year-Olds | Meridian Family Photographer

Anyone who’s brought a one-year-old along to a family photoshoot knows it’s no small feat. Those tiny feet seem to never stop moving, and the infamous “scream and snuggle” can happen without a moment’s notice. But fret not, I’ve compiled a list of expert tips to ensure your family photos with your one-year-old are not just a success but also a joy to look back on.

1. Schedule During the Happy Hours

Timing is everything when it comes to photographing a 1-year-old. Pick a time when you know your little one is typically cheerful.

2. Comfort Over Fashion

Opt for comfort over trendy outfits for the baby. Sticky fabrics, scratchy tags, or uncomfortable fits can lead to a grumpy model. Choose soft, breathable cotton and seamless styles, because being comfortable leads to invaluable smiles.

3. Keep the Snacks and Toys Coming

Anyone experienced with toddlers knows the power of distraction. Be equipped with your child’s favorite snacks and toys. A pacifier and some snacks have smooth operated wonders in bringing babies to the disposition you’re after.

5. Early Exploration

If your kiddo is particularly anxious, travel to the location early and give your tot a chance to warm up to the environment. This mini adventure lets them get all the wiggles and curious sniffing out before the camera even comes out, keeping the rest of the shoot more likely to go without a hitch.

6. Patience

Excellent photos are a direct result of patience, and this holds truer when a one-year-old is in the frame. It’s about waiting for that gummy smile or a twinkling eye rather than forcing a pose. Deep breaths and calm attitudes go a long way in making the best memories.

7. Capture Candid Gold

When kiddos are getting rowdy, I often revert to prompting the family to play some various “games” that create great candid photos. Of course, it’s wonderful to have a couple of posed shots, but the candid moments are where the magic happens. Play with your little one, observe, and just be in the moment; those often make the most heartwarming images.

8. Props and Play

Engage your one-year-old with playful props. Favorite toys, bubbles, or simple games not only make fantastic photos but also keep your sweetheart entertained for the non-camera-ready moments.

9. Comfort at the Core

Not just for the one-year-old, but for the family too. I always bring a blanket to sit on or wrap up in for shots, comfy shoes for spontaneous walks, and water to keep everyone hydrated. A happy, comfortable family makes for a more relaxed photo session.

10. The Beauty of Imperfection

Life isn’t a rehearsed shoot, and sometimes, the quirks and unexpected events are what we remember most fondly. Allow for the imperfect moments; they often produce the most genuine family photos, capturing who you are when you’re not posing for the perfect shot.

In Conclusion

Remember, these photos will reflect the love and joy your family shares at this precious time. The key is to cherish the experience along with the images. With the right approach and a little flexibility, you’ll end up with a collection of memories that will make you smile, laugh, and maybe even produce a happy tear as they adorn your walls and photo albums for years to come. And if you’re a Boise family looking for that perfect photographer to capture these moments, feel free to reach out. Because as they say, a photo is worth a thousand words, but a family photo is worth a million memories.

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