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Hello and welcome to the Kristy Belle Photography Blog! I'm Kristy Woolford & I'm a portrait Photographer based in the Boise, Idaho Area. I hope you enjoy viewing my latest work and getting a little peek into my life as a mom, Wife and Photographer.




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My Photo Career Story | Boise Idaho Photographer

As I glance back over the decade-long journey of my photography career, I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful moments that have led me here today. This is my story- the initial spark of a digital camera gifted on Christmas that turned me into a Boise family photographer.

Back when my biggest decision revolved around which color crayon to pick, the world fascinated me in images. I’d sneak my mother’s camera to snap away, and something clicked (pun not intended… well, maybe just a little). I wasted so much film and now that I know how much that is…. I’m sorry mom… haha Fast forward to my tweens when a pocket-sized digital camera became my most treasured possession. Those portraits of best friends and siblings were more than photographs—I was obsessed. Every weekend, every sleepover, was filled with taking pictures. Inspired, I dived into photography, soaking up every technique. Along the way, there were mistakes—oh, the heavy edits and those cringe-worthy ‘artsy’ phases! But with each mishap came a lesson, a pixel in the perfectly imperfect mosaic of my growth as an artist.

High school was my testing ground, where I clicked my way through countless weekends in the backyard and plenty of time in front of the computer screen, learning the art of the edit. It was midway through those teenage years that I decided—no, I knew—photography was my calling. Upgrading my gear felt like a graduation ceremony, a symbol that I was serious about this calling. I used the money I was gifted for graduation to upgrade my camera!

After tossing my tasseled graduation cap, I found my footing at JC Penney Portraits, there I was taught about the power of posing.

Later, hospitals became my classroom for ‘Fresh 48’ newborn photography. I loved this job- nothing was more special than hanging out with babies all day. Those experiences shaped not just my skill set but my passion—families.

Just 3 of my babies in my vintage camera collection.

Family photography became my favorite. There’s magic in the chaos of a family shoot, in the way laughter mingles with issues of where to look and whose smile’s the biggest. My lens found its cause in capturing those instants of imperfect perfection, the strings that weave tight the fabric of family.

Running a photography business isn’t all golden hour shoots and edited perfection. It’s about managing schedules, handling clients, and addressing the inescapable self-doubt that can creep into even the most polished portfolios.

And so here I am, with a decade of photographs and a well of memories from events I was lucky enough to witness and capture. I’m in my little corner of the world, a Boise family photographer with stories to tell and an album full of more goals I don’t quite have time for!

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