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Early Childhood Milestones You Should Get Pictures Of | Boise Children’s Photographer

Your kiddos are growing too fast (take this momma’s word for it) and every milestone is a treasure trove of memories just waiting to be captured.

The Magic of Milestone Memories

Capturing the milestones in your child’s life isn’t just about getting that perfect shot for the mantelpiece (though, trust me, we’ll nail that too 💁‍♀️). It’s about freezing those fleeting moments – the ones that tangle themselves around your heart and make you swear you’ll never forget – and wrapping them up in love for years to come!

Tiny Toes to Big Grins: Typical Photoshoots

Birth Photography

That miraculous moment when you meet your baby for the first time? It’s pure magic, and trust me, it’s worth capturing!

Fresh 48 Session

In those first 48 hours, every little sigh, yawn, and snuggle is precious. Let’s lock in that newborn essence while it’s fresh and oh-so-sweet! Typically taken in the hospital and they are the perfect way to announce the arrival of your sweet new baby!

Newborn Photography

Peekaboo! Welcome to the world, little one! Those early days when your baby’s yawns are as tiny as a mouse’s – oh, they’re precious. But let’s be real; sleep-deprivation is a thing, and it might make those memories a tad fuzzy. That’s where newborn photography comes into play. Let’s capture the size of their little hands, the peach fuzz on their shoulders, and that newborn scent (okay, we can’t actually capture scents, but wouldn’t that be something?). Go here to see more information about newborn sessions with KBP.

3, 6, 9 Milestone Pictures

Yes, those chubby cheeks are changing, and can we talk about how much personality is packed into someone so pint-sized? Babies hit milestones quicker than we can keep up with, so let’s celebrate each new roll, giggle, and attempt to crawl with a photoshoot. We’ll even get those teething drool smiles – they’re too good not to! Visit this page to find out more about milestone pictures!

First Birthday Cake Smash

The big O-N-E! This deserves more than a drumroll – it deserves a full-on parade with confetti and fanfare! Cake smash sessions are hilariously unpredictable and gloriously messy. We’ll let them go wild with the frosting; you bring the giggles, and I’ll bring my camera – it’s a date!

Yearly Birthday Portraits

As each candle gets added to the birthday cake, let’s ensure those growth spurts and evolving personalities are documented. Annual birthday portraits are not just pictures; they’re chapters of their unique story. We can go classic, whimsical, or downright adventurous – but always strikingly ‘them.’

Special Occasions


Whether we’re tossing fall leaves, sprinkling reindeer dust, or hunting Easter eggs, let’s dial the festive spirit up to an eleven with gorgeous holiday shoots that are just bursting with cheer! I often host mini sessions that go along with holiday themes so keep your eye out!


From preschooler to proud kindergartener, your baby is donning caps and gowns already! These big days go by in a whirl!


Moments of spiritual significance, filled with ceremony and meaning, absolutely deserve to be chronicled. We’ll approach every beautiful ritual with the reverence and joy it deserves.


So, lovely moms, let’s not let these milestones be just ticks on a height chart or stories passed down. Let’s immortalize ‘em in full color, high resolution, and frame-worthy glory. Because hey, they’re only this little once, and you’re only this young once. 📸

Remember, whether it’s right here, right now, or years down the road – I’m here, camera at the ready, to help you capture the beautiful chaos that is raising kids. Because every last laugh, twirl, and jump deserves to be remembered.

Now let’s start this adventure together! Your kids are characters in the most enchanting story ever told – their own. Let’s make it epic. Give me a shout, and we’ll turn fleeting into forever.

Keep capturing those moments, and keep being the superhero moms you are – superheroes with a camera sidekick named Kristy ready to swoop in and save the day, one milestone at a time! 💥👩‍👧‍👦

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