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What to Wear to the Mother’s Day Free Shoot | Boise Meridian Eagle Star Kuna Idaho Family Photographer

I will be hosting a mother’s day free photo open house this Saturday. If you’re still stuck on what to wear for the photos here is what I recommend!

For Mom

This should be your top priority- kids are WAY easier to dress than we are. Start with finding an outfit you LOVE and then go from there.

To go with the theme I recommend a dress or blouse and skirt in a light tone like some shown below. Think neutral and muted.

A Note about Pattern

If you choose to include pattern, ensure it is not too distracting. Here is what I’m talking about.

Dark against light: Patterns (especially small ones) that have a dark color against a light color can be very distracting. I’m mostly talking about geometrical patterns, here.

Small, close together stripes: This just tends to look trippy in photos, and sometimes gives this weird effect called moiré that you don’t want. Trust me. Stripes are especially bad when combined with the above problem pattern (dark against light).

Plaid: If you are going to do plaid, only have one person wearing it and make sure it isn’t too crazy to look at. For example: Blue and red or red and green. If you look at it and it hurts your eyes, don’t wear it 😆.

Florals and subtle shapes are totally perfect for this!

For the Kiddos

Choose coordinating not matching outfits- think rompers, dresses, overalls, shorts with a button up, etc. They’re easy!

You do not have to go buy new clothes (unless you want to girl- I love a good excuse to shop lol) If you are looking to get a few new pieces, Walmart is completely KILLING it right now.

I also really love Old Navy, Target, H&M, and Zara Kids! Such cute finds.

Any questions? I’d love to answer below- drop them in the comments!

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