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3 Years Down.. Forever to go! | My Wedding Anniversary

3 years ago today I was married to my best friend- Cole! I made the best decision to marry him that day.

The past 3 years have been an adventure, to say the least. It’s funny because people tell you all these things before you get married like “the first year is always the hardest”. But we haven’t found that to be the case! This past year was our toughest- it was the year we had a baby, Cole was studying to be a Mortgage Loan Officer, changing jobs, and shifted family dynamics.

When people said “the first year is always the hardest,” I thought they meant marriage- and maybe they do. But this year hasn’t been hard because of our marriage, as a matter of fact, it’s made all the trials easier.

I’m so grateful for Cole, he’s taught me and pushed me to be a better person since the beginning. He’s selfless, smart, compassionate, empathetic, and ambitious. He knows me better than I know myself, helps me smile through the rough days and keeps my ginger-like sassy attitude in check haha! I could go on and on forever about him because he is my favorite subject (sorry Calder! lol) but I won’t bore anyone with that anymore.

If I had any advice for someone getting married or newly married- it would be this. Focus on clear communication and with that clear communication understand each other’s feelings and goals. And then align those goals. Be a team and not two separate people. You’ll fight over stupid things like the thermostat temperature and big things like if you should buy a car- and it’s okay. Resolve it and love each other even more than you did before.

We are still a work in progress after 3 years but I know I have someone who’s always willing to put in that 110% effort with me. Happy Anniversary Cole!


Enjoy a few photos from our wedding day! Photography by Olive and Eve Photography.

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