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Back To School | How to Take Better Mobile Photos

Mobile photography can be tough- but the convenience of having your a “camera” right there with you all the time is something you can’t give up- especially when you have kids!

Back to School is right around the corner and I know you are wanting to get some great photos of your kids on their first day. So I’ve compiled some tips to help you take better images on your phone! These tips are geared towards an Apple iphone- since that’s what I use. Comment below to let us know any tips you use if you have an Andriod or another type of phone!

Clean your Lens

I know- this seems obvious. But it’s easy to forget AND your hands (and your kids’ hands) are always all over your phone. There is more often than not a smudge on your lens that is causing a less than sharp outcome.

Find Good Lighting

Typically- when I choose a spot to take professional portraits at it’s backlit (the sun behind my subject, filtering through something like trees, etc.) Unfortunately- Phones do not work well in this scenario. Instead, when using my phone I look for an area with nice even lighting. Whether it’s shade or straight sun- it typically looks best.

Tap and Swipe Up/Down

This tip helps you with lighting and getting a sharper image. If you simply tap on your child’s face this can reset the lighting as well as make sure the right spot is in focus. If the lighting is still too dark or too bright- when you tap-hold your finger there and swipe slightly up (for brighter) or down (for darker) to adjust the lighting right there before you take the photo.

Burst is for Busy Kids! 

My son is ALWAYS on the go. He doesn’t sit or stand still to take a photo so typically I have someone drop him where I want him and then I hit the volume button on my phone where it takes a burst of many photos. I almost always get a cute one since the shutter is so quick!

Use Portrait Mode

Photo courtesy of Apple.

If you have a new enough phone- you can use portrait mode. I LOVE this so much- it will blur the background of your image and keep your subject in focus. Remember to tap who/what you want in focus when you take the image.


Photo courtesy of Snapseed.

This is something I love to do. You can edit right in the Photos app or you can use an app like Snapseed or the Lightroom Mobile App. I use Lightroom Mobile, but, I have used Snapseed in the past. Both are great! Just play around and get a look you like!


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