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Hello and welcome to the Kristy Belle Photography Blog! I'm Kristy Woolford & I'm a Family portrait Photographer based in the Boise, Idaho Area. I hope you enjoy viewing my latest work and getting a little peek into my life as a mom, Wife and Photographer.




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Why I Love Photography

I was recently taking an online course and the instructor asked “why do you love photography?” I never really took time to think about why I loved it- I just knew I did. But I took a few moments to ponder his question and I thought I would share.

I love photography because I love reliving a day or a moment in photos and giving that to my clients. I can also show my clients little aspects of their day or their family that they might have missed in the blur of a busy day. 

The day I was married FLEW by I can easily remember a few moments but when I look through the photos I can remember a special feeling I had hugging my mom, my nieces twirling around in their pretty dresses, and the exciting feeling of starting a journey with my best friend- my husband.

Also- I think as humans we take for granted to feeling someone’s touch, hearing someone’s voice, or just being with the people we love. Those moments are passing. There are certain images that evoke real emotion for me- they remind me of a very special time in my life. Like the photo of my son when he was first placed on my chest after he was born. I can feel that intense love I felt right at that moment every time I see that photo. I genuinely want that for every one of my clients- I want images they can look back on for forever and truly adore them and use them for more than just an instagram post.

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