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Tips and Ideas for Capturing Back to School | Denton County Moms What to Do + Tips

Back to school is the perfect time to take a special photo commemorating their new year of learning! Here are some tips and ideas on making back to school pictures creative + easy!

  1. Plan ahead. If you’d like to do something unique then be sure to set aside enough time in the morning to take those pictures!
  2. If you are taking the picture outdoors place your kiddo in some shade so the light is even on their face. You may consider capturing the classic on the porch picture!
  3. If you are taking the picture indoors open all the windows and place them directly facing a window that does not have harsh light coming through- that way you get the most even lighting.
  4. For more tips on taking pictures with your phone- see my post from back to school 2 years ago! Click here.

Now for some fun ideas to make your back to school portraits unique:

  1. Make a collage every year to share with family- adding previous year images along with the new image. It will be fun every year to see how much they’ve grown!
  2. Always have them stand in front of a certain object in your home or in a certain place. Growing up we always took a sibling picture on the porch or by the mailbox (waiting for the bus). It’s fun to have a recurring theme.
  3. Use sidewalk chalk to spell out their grade and have them sit by it!
  4. Get an apple and put their grade number/letter on it with stickers!
  5. Have a special chalkboard you use every year!
  6. Have a simple pose list planned like:
  • child 1 with sign, close up
  • child 1 with sign, full body
  • child 1 with sign propped next to backpack jumping

(repeat above for each kid)

  • all children together with signs near backpacks jumping together
  • all children together holding signs full body
  • all children togetherĀ holding signs closeup

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic so here are a few “vintage” pics of me haha

I hope these tips and ideas helped!! Let me know if you have any special traditions below!

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